Course Overall Grade Calculator

This tool  is designed for instructors. Instructors often get emails from their students asking about their  standing. Answering these emails and calculating the grade for each student is time consuming. The Overall Grade Calculator frees the instructor from this administrative work by allowing students to enter their current grades and estimated future grades. Then the tool calculates the overall grade.

Instructors can add a individualized link on their website to transfer course name, instructor name and grading details of their course. Students can then independently calculate heir grade as well as perform What If scenarios for the grades that are not available at this point.

An example for a link that could be added into the course web site is this:

Note, cat1, cat2, cat3 are the grading categories and w1, w2, w3 are the respective weights. A blank is coded as %20. Therefore EC 201 in course is coded as EC%20201. Adding &type=percent to the link allows students to enter percentage grades instead of letter grades. Privacy: The website is generated on the fly and does not store any grading or other data.

The tool allows to provide up to 7 grading categories with their respective weights. For details on how to include Grade Calculator link into a web site or directly into Blackboard see the manual at the How to Use the Simulation link below.

Type of Simulation: Runs directly in browser

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