Competition and Duopoly Game

The classroom game introduces pricing in a competitive vs. a duopoly setting. While students are submitting their moves from their own computer phone or tablet, the instructor can simultanously display the results step by step in the classroom.  Continue reading Competition and Duopoly Game

Empirical Probabilities

The simulation introduces empirical vs. theoretic probabilities. It shows how probabilties can be obtained using the concepts of theoretic and empirical probabilies based on an experiment flipping three chips with each having a red and a yellow side. Continue reading Empirical Probabilities

Course Overall Grade Calculator

This tool  is designed for instructors. Instructors often get emails from their students asking about their  standing. Answering these emails and calculating the grade for each student is time consuming. The Overall Grade Calculator frees the instructor from this administrative work by allowing students to enter their current grades and estimated future grades. Then the tool calculates the overall grade. Continue reading Course Overall Grade Calculator

Linear Production Possibilty Curve

The simulation allows students and instructors to change the production of two goods along a linear production possibility curve. The simulation shows a diagram as well as original and changed production levels. Users can change opportunity cost as well as the level of production. Continue reading Linear Production Possibilty Curve